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For unceasing glories, continues my toil,

The toil that results, in but endless turmoil...

Glories come and go, but greed likes to stay,

Slay this greed O mind, and bliss will come your way..

Ignoring Krishna, one loses all strength,

The strength to receive, His shelter and grace,

Though I have eyes, that can see great lengths,

My vision is stuck, to this temporary place....

Stuck to this fleeting, happiness and strife,

My vision never rises, to the grace of divine,

Amidst the tries, to paint a picture of life,

Life ends up painting, an image of mine...

Ingrained in me, is the leaning to sin,

Love for God however, stays deeper within,

By faithful hearing only, will that love arise,

And crash through the coverings, of envy and vice...

Spending many sleepless,days and nights,,

An unending race, I have tried to win,

how good indeed, are these wakeful delights,

when I revel, in a deep slumber within...

The vision to fathom the divine mellows,

Comes by service to the great and devout,

The fruit of this service, is that you become,

A seer within, and a gentleman without...

Nurtured by humility, a creeper will grow,

The creeper of love, that has roots that go,

Deep within the core of everyone's heart,

Tend this creeper, and misery will depart...

Hear that message, O noble man,

That will save you from the greatest fall,

The fall from which it takes lifetimes to rise,

Heed the pure soul, and his merciful call....

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