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Poem: The Commander-in-Chief

(Dedicated to His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who brought the gift of Krishna Consciousness to the entire world)

He went overseas with a mission in mind,  Seemingly daunting, but all too divine,  With kindness and care too soothing to miss,  He uplifted those in the material abyss..

He revealed to the world, the message of truth,  Externally old, had the energy of a youth,  The words of his master, he tightly embraced,  Obstacles came, he remained unfazed..

Stepping into a world, gripped by the modes,  To start a revolution, soon to explode,  He met with those, rejoicing in the dark Yet in them he saw, their spiritual spark,  He nurtured the spark, it became a flame,  Their lives transformed, saintly they became..

Much to his surprise, they responded well,  Ignorant they were, but sincere as well,  The pleasure of their master, they constantly sought  Their acts were imperfect, their intent was not..

"I am a servant of all',  he humbly declared,  Like an affectionate father, for them he cared,  Though unqualified we are, with minds too dull,  The topmost of knowledge, he mercifully shared..

In this quarrelsome age, when morality is scant,  He gave us the sublime, hare Krishna chant,  Always remember Krishna, was his fervent call,  To end material existence, once and for all..

The impersonal thought, he assertively fought,  The science of devotion, he expertly taught,  Krishna is a person, reciprocates with all,  Rewards your effort, however small..

In mellows of service, always absorbed he was,  Munifucent he was, yet without a cause,  Such was his mercy, such was his grace,  In the hearts of the saintly, forever he stays...

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