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Poem: The Vedic Oasis

Updated: May 26, 2020

(Dedicated to HG Radheshyam Pr, who gifted the youth of today the much needed Jet-age gurukul, Vedic Oasis for Inspiration, Culture and Education aka VOICE)

Depression, suicides, youth crimes and rapes,

Supposed to be humans, behaving like apes,

Civilization this is, proudly they declare,

Trapped into Maya's bewildering snare...

Life after life, we needlessly fret,

Deep in ignorance, our natures we forget,

No true happiness, in our material tries,

Ignoring Krishna, we never truly rise...

A desert we live in, with mirages replete,

Seeking pleasure, yet miseries we meet,

The material ambiance being miserably ill,

The hope for an oasis doesn't end still...

Why should it? Ask the sages indeed,

That's innate to us, being parts of the Whole,

Krishna being the object of the everyone's love,

Service to Him, will feed the soul...

While virtues are on a steep decline,

And value systems being on the line,

There are those who go against this flow,

Path of perfection, to the world they show...

In a culture centered around the Lord,

Striving to rise above any discord,

Inspiration in one and all they instill,

The true purport of education they fulfill...

Sheltered in Krishna's Holy Name,

Service to Radharani, their only aim,

Prabhupada's words, their guiding light,

To attain the bliss of Krishna Prema..

Devoted to Krishna, unitedly they strive,

Trying to bring back their innate natures alive,

Uplifting those less fortunate than them,

Happiness and pleasure, in doing so they derive,

Merciful they are, full of joyous charm,

Always ready to fight the illusion's storm,

In the vehicle of this body,

Towards Goloka they drive,

Their wisdom being rekindled,

Their love being revived...

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